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Condamned 2013

Just wanted to give a quick post about how this went. The con was awesome, as always. It just has this great social feel to it. We are all there to have a laugh and a drink with friends, and there happens to be games to play. As opposed to other cons which tend to […]

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Update On Where We Are

So things are moving on with Sanctuary, the survival horror game I had scribbled up a bit about. Mainly this is thanks to Kelly from the Dutch Invaders who had a really interesting setting from a novel she had been working on. She let me steal it and so I have been tweaking Sanctuary a […]

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This is getting to be a habit

We really need better NHS dental care in this country, but until then I guess it means I get to make slightly more regular updates. I went to Dragonmeet at the weekend, what can I say? It was Dragonmeet, same as always. I helped out with the Indiemeet Games on Demand stuff by running Fiasco […]

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Conception and Updates

Conception is over for another year, I’ve put a brief con report up at the UKRP forums. My game of the con for playing was Montsegur 1244 facilitated by Rich Lacy. I was completely carried away by the story line that emerged for Corba, and am glad she finally got her revenge. I also ran […]

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London Indie Meetup

Managed to get in a playtest of What You Wish For, it was generally well received by the players with some useful discussion. The main thing I am learning is that I need to be more clear about how the structure is supposed to flow and the things that the game is designed to explore. […]

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An Improbable Fiction – Tidied Up

N.B. If you are looking at this site and reviewing our Game Chef entry, in order to comply with the rules, please use the copy posted in the previous update. Here is a, slightly, cleaned up version of An Improbable Fiction. The overall game is still the same, what has been added is some more […]

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Game Chef again

So we have finished and submitted a very, very rough draft of our game. There is a lot of work to do on it, the cards need fixing, the ideas the game explores need bringing to the front more, and it needs a ton of play advice. So with that said if you feel brave […]

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More Playtesting

My pre-release versions of Narrative Pursuits weren’t quite ready for the London Indie RPG Meetup last Saturday, but I took along one half-finished copy just to have something to show. We playtested the game and it worked however I wasn’t particularly keen on the story that we produced, but that’s just how gaming goes sometimes. […]

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London, Milton Keynes and New Stuff

On Saturday I went to the regular London Indie Meet-up that I go to once a month. Due to the way numbers working out and my inherent reluctance to break people up from the games they wanted to play, I ended up without a game in the morning slot. Normally I would be pretty bummed […]

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Conception and Narrative Pursuits

I am back from Conception, you can find a full con report on UK Roleplayers in the usual place. The playtest of Narrative Pursuits went really well, most of the players seemed to enjoy themselves and all of them gave really great feedback. Each of the sessions was played with slightly different rules, and I […]

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