Well That Was A Write Off

So, pretty much the entire last quarter has been a write off due to illness. Luckily Kelly has still been working on redrafts of the fiction for Frostbite so I am not as far behind as I could be, but for everything else there has been little progress. Last week was Conception the big residential […]

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NaGaDeMon and what I’m going to be doing

So, originally, I was intending to finally work on my “Vampire Done Properly” game, or a game that comes from one of my reStructured play ideas that has become too “big” for a short form book. However, the other night I had an idea about playing around with the structure for Sanctuary and Frostbite, and […]

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Things that are coming up

So its coming up to November again, the time of year when my gaming related stuff gets a bit crazy. I have 3 main things that will be going on through November… 1) Indiecon My second favourite con of the year, and my favourite “playing” con. There’s the stuff I mentioned in my last post […]

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Bit of a spring clean, and some new stuff

Yes I am aware it’s not spring, but whatever. The website was getting a bit tired, so I have had a bit of a tidy and tweaked the design a bit (I may do a complete redesign sometime soon). Main change is that most Games now have their own page, and they are all conveniently collected […]

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Playing with form factor

Originally posted on UKRP Design Collective:
When producing our works, a lot of games designers limit their ideas of how a game can be presented.  Most games fall somewhere on the normal book size scales. Sure there are differences, and you get the occasional, slightly funky-sized books, like In a Wicked Age or Annalise. Form…

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UKRP Design Collective and the future of this Blog

Another few months, another post. Anyway hopefully this post will give people some hope that they might have soemthing more frequent to read, although it won’t all be from me (which is probably a good thing). A group of Indie games designers from the UK have put together a Collective to help with furthering the […]

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Condamned 2013

Just wanted to give a quick post about how this went. The con was awesome, as always. It just has this great social feel to it. We are all there to have a laugh and a drink with friends, and there happens to be games to play. As opposed to other cons which tend to […]

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Why Has It Been So Quiet Lately

I just wanted to give everyone an update on what has been going on with Damwain Games and me.  I have had some pretty serious health problems since the start of the year, and its really impacted my ability to do a lot of work on things.  However things seem to be on the up […]

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Update On Where We Are

So things are moving on with Sanctuary, the survival horror game I had scribbled up a bit about. Mainly this is thanks to Kelly from the Dutch Invaders who had a really interesting setting from a novel she had been working on. She let me steal it and so I have been tweaking Sanctuary a […]

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This is getting to be a habit

We really need better NHS dental care in this country, but until then I guess it means I get to make slightly more regular updates. I went to Dragonmeet at the weekend, what can I say? It was Dragonmeet, same as always. I helped out with the Indiemeet Games on Demand stuff by running Fiasco […]

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